Arena Access Rules

We received some new direction with respect to the requirement for the Vaccine Passport at the City of Surrey Arenas. No Change for the City of White Rock. Masks are still mandated for all 12 and older while in the arena except when on the ice.

Here is a recap of when a Vaccine Passport and Govt ID is needed for access to the Arenas:

City of White Rock (Centennial Arena) Note: Games and Practises have same access rules

  • you are a player who is 22 yrs and older
  • you are 12+ yrs old and not playing or involved directly with the on-ice program (Spectator). ie, Players, Coaches, refs, time keeper, clock keeper, shot clock are exempt from showing a vaccine passport. Everyone else is a spectator and must show proof of vaccination prior to entry.

City of Surrey Arenas Note: Games and Practises have same access rules

  • you are a player who is 22 yrs and older
  • when there are more than 50 in the arena watching/spectating the practise/game. This will likely be a concern for games only and will need to be coordinated with the Away Team.

The capacity limits are as follows: max of 50 at NSSIC rink 1 & 3 and at SSLC rink 1 & 2;  max 600 at South Surrey and max of 125 at NSSIC rink 2 and SSLC rink 3. Therefore, vaccine passports will not be needed for NSSIC rink 1&3 or SSLC 1&2 however access is limited to 50.

City of Surrey is now allowing Associations/Teams to verify the Vaccine passport at the entrance to the allocated rink and not at the entrace to the Arena as previously stated.

Teams are required to verify vaccine passport as per above and/or limit spectator attendance.

If the above is not clear, please contact for clarification and not the arena.