Open now for the 2024/2025 season

Player Requirements

Players registered in FUNdamentals to U19 must reside in either Surrey or White Rock to be on a SWRRA team, unless an official release has been approved through the player’s home association.  

●        Players who reside in these cities but would like to request to play with a different association are required to register with SWRRA and submit a Release Application not later than Oct 1 of the Current Season.  Contact the registrar for more details. 

Registration Fees

Registration Fees include the BCRA insurance fees.

DivisionBirth YearNew player
Returning Player – EARLY Registration 
(Until July 1) 

Returning Player – LATE Registration 
(July 2 – Dec 31) 
FUNdamentals 1&22020 – 2017$275$335$435
FUNdamentals 3(previously) U102016 – 2013$300$500$600
U122014-2013$400 $500 $600
U142012-2011$400 $500 $600
U162010-2009$400 $500 $600


18+ (Open)2005 or earlierN/A$500$600
Designated Goalies2011 or earlier$300$300$300
Masters $120$120$120

*Please note, you must pay for registration online by credit card, we do not accept cheques or e-transfer as payment for registration fees

Registration System

We are using RAMP as our registration.  If you have not used RAMP Registration before, you can create a new account, and add a member profile during Registration.  

●         RAMP will be used for player, team staff and executive registration. 

○         Participant (player) registration opens May 6th 

○         Executive registration is open 

○         Team Staff registration is open 

Team Gender

U14, U16 & U19 players must register for the Type of Team that they would prefer to play on.  Female or All Gender Teams.    

See Information about Program Updates for 2024-2025 Season on the Ringette BC Website for more information. Link to Ringette BC Website Ringette BC – A New Level of Sport 

Zone Tryouts

U14, U16 & U19 players must follow the process to sign up for Zone Tryouts once provided by LMRL.  Everyone who would like to try out may do so. Link to LMRL Website Home – Lower Mainland Ringette League 

Evaluations for the Zone program will occur August 22-26, 2024 in Langley.  

Zone Teams will be divided into Female and Male.

Payment Plan

All registrant payments will be processed with installments. There will be an initial payment of up to $200 and the remaining amount owed, will be paid in one or two equal payments on 25 July 2024 and 25 Aug 2024.   

Registrations made after 25 July will only have 1 or no installment options depending on when registration is completed.  

●        There is no additional cost for choosing to pay with installments.  

●        All discounts (Promo Codes, Account Credits etc..) will be reconciled in December of the current season 

Early Registration (up to and including July 1) 

Late Registration (July 2 onwards) Prices will increase by $100


●        $25 discount for the 1st sibling and $50 for the 2nd and subsequent siblings. Promo Code must be entered per registrant, during registration to receive the discount. Promo code can be found on Program Page in the Ramp Registration Screen.   

●       $200 discount for DESIGNATED Goalies U14+.   

●       $50 total discount upon completion of a year for returning Board Members serving on the SWRRA Executive Board (must attend a minimum 9 Executive Meetings). Discount will be entered as an Account Credit by the Registrar for returning Executives. 

Financial Assistance

Programs such as Jumpstart and Kidsport are available to assist with the cost of registration if needed. Application to these programs must be made by the registrant and the SWRRA registrar must be advised to assist with the process.           

Volunteer & Uniform Deposits

Instead of collecting deposit cheques from everyone for their uniform and volunteer hours, registrants will authorize pre-approval for a Credit Card charge if their volunteer hours are not completed or their jersey is not returned in good condition.  

●        The charge would be made to the Credit Card in April.  If the player’s volunteer hours are complete and the jersey returned, the installment payment charge will not be made to the card.  

This change in process will save countless hours collecting deposit cheques and addresses the complaints received about having to submit the cheques.  The Deposit is set-up with a .01 charge at registration, this is a requirement of Ramp. 

Uniform Deposit: $120.00 per player 

Volunteer Deposit*: $300.00 per player 

*Please note, no exceptions will be made and deposits will be collected at the end of the season should the four (4) hours of required volunteer time not be completed.  Should a Deposit credit card charge have to be reversed it will be subject to a small admin fee to cover credit card processing costs. 

Volunteer Requirements

●        SWRRA depends 100% on volunteers and we would like for all families to be involved with making the season run smoothly.  

●        Each family/individual player is responsible for a minimum of four (4) hours of volunteer time to the association, up to a total of 12 hours.  This volunteer time does NOT include hours put towards your individual team (ex: scorekeeping, time keeper & shot clock). The registration process includes a waiver to be signed acknowledging your understanding of this requirement and gives SWRRA permission to collect the  deposit  for those who do not complete their mandatory hours. 

●        Volunteer Opt-Out Options: If you do not wish to volunteer please contact the Registrar and we can process the Volunteer Deposit after Registration. 

Refund Policy

Refund requests must be received in writing by email to 

Partial refunds will be issued as follows: 
Before September 30 – 90% 
October 1 to November 30 – 50% 
No refund after November 30 

Register Here!

DivisionAge on Dec 31 2024DescriptionRegistration link
FUNdamentals 1 & 2 (New & Returning Players)4 up to 7 yrsPlayers who are new to ringette or skating, learning basic game structure or who have developed some basic skills. There are 2 levels in this category and players will be assigned a level by coaches early in the season. Mini-matches are played cross ice. 8 & 9 yr olds may play at this level but are to register in FUN 3 and will be assessed.Ramp
FUNdamentals 3 (previously U10)8 & 9Players who can demonstrate that they have acquired the physical, cognitive and social readiness for more challenging play. This group eventually plays regular games on a full sized rink. Players younger than 8 can play in this level but are to register in FUNdamentals and will be assessed early in the season.Ramp
U1210 & 11Registration based on age.Ramp
U14 (including designated goalies)12 & 13Registration based on age.Ramp
U16 (including designated goalies)14 & 15Registration based on age.Ramp
U19 (including designated goalies)17 & 18Registration based on age.Ramp
Open (18+)18 & Older *SWRRA did not have an open team last year for the 2023/24 season. We are hoping to build the program back and have a team for the 2024/2025 season.Ramp
Masters19 & Older Same as Open

If you need to access your registrations, or pay an outstanding balance after you have completed your registration please visit: Surrey White Rock RAMP Registration Portal

If you have any questions, please contact